Draft 2010: The point at which the draft went weird

Sorry I wasn't on last night fellas, I was at my boys house and he is to fucking cheap for wifi, not the point. I wanted to point out something that I didnt know if it was apparent last night, or maybe I was to critical, but did anyone notice that at pick 7 the draft went weird, so here is my little vignette.

"With the 7th pick...Joe Haden"

WOW! me and my friends screamed, "Reach!" was heard screaming through the room, "Really?" was also a common outburst, but eventually it settled and the room seemed to come a consensus, that if holgrem wants a guy, he is going to get one.

Than it was the Raiders. we knew things would get wacky, the jokes of Bruce Cambell came in, Earl Thomas was screamed from the back, and I believe someone who had a beer too many screamed Mark Sanchez. The room quieted to an anxious still, the pick was in.

"With the 8th pick...Rolando McClain"

I will not try to completely capture the reaction but will represent it with the following: PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
After we settled we were sure on one thing, well its the Raiders It can not get any weirder than this.

The Buffalo Bills are on the clock, for those of you that may know, I go to school in western New York, Bills Country. While the room did not go silent, there was not many words being said at the time, just silent prayers and hopes for clausen, or tebow, or bulaga, or...well any player that would help fill any of the glaring holes left on the Bills roster.

"With the 9th pick...CJ Spiller"

While they did not say this at at the same time the consensus in the room seemed to be "Oh my fucking God" with mouths agape, and their souls leaving their bodies, texts went flying across the western new york area with rage and anger typed and screamed across statuses galore, and rightfully so, RB was the one sure spot on the Bills roster. BUT SURELY, the weirdness, or unpredictability, was over.

It was at this point things took a turn for the worse. In a room full of Bills friends myself, a lions fan, and one of my best friends, a jaguars fan, settled down to talk, predict, and get ready for the Jaguars selection. We were excited as plenty of o-lineman were on the board, dan williams, I wont even bother naming all of the possibilities he was excited about, because this excitement was shortly interrupted. The pick was in.

"With the 10th pick...Tyson Alualu"

It was at this time a peculiar thing happened, the once morose Bills fans ERUPTED in laughter over the incredible reach they had just witnessed, and my best friend, MY BEST FRIEND, died of shock...seriously, rest in peace...okay maybe not but the picture I took on my phone was fucking priceless.

The weirdness continued for the rest of the night, with the unexplained anthony davis trade up, and dont even get me started on tim tebow.

I just figured I would share the fun, and weirdness.


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