Maybe I'm just optimistic 9-7? lol

My Lions my Lions! I really enjoyed the draft yesterday we really have SUH the wait is over and another legidimate weapon in homerun hitting running back Jahvid Best. To add with our bolsterd offense with our new pass catching tightend in Scheffler and speedy #2 receiver in Burleson. NOW Calvin has freedom to be explosive. I really think we can compete in our division now. Are defensive line is stout now i dont care what no one says and Avril with a vet showing him how to work in Vandon Bosch, we're gonna be pretty good. No I dont think we're goin to the superbowl this year, but we have the most dangerous weapon in the NFL in Calvin Johnson remember how far Fitz took those Cards 2 years ago well Calvin is more freakishly athletic than he is. We can win those close games now because we can stop the run, which I'm so thankful for. O-Line is better, D-Line is better. Jets went deep into the playoffs with that recipe. So with that being said EXPLOSIVE OFFENSE and GREAT RUN DEFENSE 9-7. What do you think?

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