Did Lions Board fall apart?

I have to believe the Lions Board fell apart in the 3rd. I have praised Mayhew this summer. He has made just about every move that I would make. I definitely think he is the right guy to lead the Lions for now. But I am a straight shooter. I call it like I see it. The 3rd rd pick of Speivey will prove to be a bad pick.
Its as simple as this...Was Speivey the best corner in the Big Ten this year? No. Of the players that were available. Was he the best. Big ten player available? No. Now add to that the SEC, BIG 12, ETC. So if he's not the best in his conference, or the best at his position in his conference...much less the entire NCAA...why take him? I believe Mayhew panicked and did a Millenesque reach. In fact its so out of context, I have to believe Mayhew's board fell apart.
I believe the board looked something like this... Cook
All of whom were taken before the 66 pick. I believe they were distraught. And said...damn we need a corner and took the next guy by position...not talent. That's the problem I have with Organization that only draft "our guys" he's got great character. He fits our scheme. But can they play??? For eight years the answer was no. In no way am I saying Mayhew is Millen. He has proven that much. But I will say he had a "Millen Moment" The pressure is on tomorrow. That's one of the reasons why I didn't like the trade. Mayhew must find some gems tomorrow. We have needs at LB, WR, S, and I still say corner. Mayhew...make YOUR mark.

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