POD Mock Draft Contest- Day Three

I'm gonna be pretty busy tommorrow, so I am posting this thread now, so that people can make their picks.

Day Two Results: No one predicted Amari Spievey to be the pick (CLF tried to pull a fast one), and at the end, there is a three way tie for first place. However, there is more than enough time to catch up. The first two days combined for only 25 points. Day three will be worth 115 points.

Quick rules and regulations:

For round 4, you are allowed to make two selections. For round 7, you are allowed to make three selections. Anyone who hasn't particiapted yet can still join in.

More in depth rules, click here.

Picks are due at 10 am, start of Day 3.

Again, lets get three recs to put this thread up top, and as always good luck.

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