Some Good News On Cliff Avril

I just read on MLive that Cliff Avril has been showing some promise by upping his intensity this off season. The article written by Tom Kowalski, also said that some rumor has been going around saying he was traded to Miami for a 5th rounder. Apparently its not true at all and the Lions are in fact very happy with Avril. Also, it says he added 10 pounds in muscle already this off season which really helps him a lot. I hope this means we can have a solid pass rushing defensive end opposite KVB next year. I've always been a supporter of Avril whether we keep him at DE or move him to LB. I think he has promising talent and I'm happy to hear this. This also probably means that the Lions will not be looking to upgrade the D-line anymore in this draft. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

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