Predict the Lions' Record  (7-9)

7-9 is my prediction

If the Lions won 7 this year that would be over achieving when you look at their schedule. Let’s say they win 3 for sure ( St. Louis, Buffalo, & Tampa Bay.) And let’s say they get two over Chicago (unlikely, but Chicago has been heading south now for a few years.) That would give us 5 wins. Let’s say the Eagle were right about McNabb, and we beat Washington. Now we are up to 6 wins. Now it gets difficult.

I would love to see us beat Greenbay or the Vikes but that looks like 4 losses to me.
New England, the Jets, Dallas, and the Eagles? That looks like four more losses.

That leaves the GMen and Miami- Both had mediocre seasons (8-8 & 7-9) last year, but they had 5-6 more wins than the Lions last year. To get to nine wins the Lions would need to beat both Miami and NYG and then steal a win from GreenBay or the Vikes or the Pats, Jets, Cboys, or Eagles. Possible, but pretty unlikely huh?

While I’m thrilled with our D line, and feel good about our O line (did I really just say that,) you would have to agree with me that Stafford still has a lot to prove. He looked great last year and he looked terrible. His receivers dropped passes and Stafford sometimes missed them by a mile. I hope that this will be his coming out year and he will blow away the competition. I hope that K.Smith and Pettigrew bounce back from injuries. I hope at least one of our newly aquired CBs will prove to be adequate. I told my wife this is every Lions fan’s favorite time of the year because the Lions are getting better. The problem is the season hits and then success is measured by wins and losses.

I guess I’m just grounded in reality and maybe even pessimistic. If we win 7 games next year this is one Lions fan who will be very happy to have 5 more Mondays where he wore a smile on his face!

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