Something to consider RE: Suh and Vanden Bosch....

I know some here questioned bringing in Vanden Bosch because he was less productive last year with the Titans. That was largely due to the absence of Haynesworth who drew a lot of double teams previously.

Now with Suh in the mix, Vanden Bosch has his Haynesworth and Suh will prove to be better than AH (IMO). He has a better set of physical tools and he seems to be a much more mature young man than AH was coming into the league.

Look for Suh to be the type that makes everyone around him a better player and look for Vanden Bosch to have the same kind of productivity he had in his best years with the Titans.

The Lions pass rush is going to be monster this year IYAM and will put them in the running for an 8 win season (or better).

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