My Overall Draft Grade

Now this draft is extremely different than last year in my opinion because after the draft I gave the Lions a C which now needs to be transferred to an A because all the players they drafted are now contributing.

1st round- Ndamukong Suh- I have agreed with this pick every since December and he is the best player in the draft at a position of need so theres no arguing needed. All pro caliber player and All Pro caliber human being which is nice to have because usually coming out of college players are selfish but this guy cares about his old school enough to donate 2.6 million dollars which shows the type of person he is. A+

1st round- Jahvid Best- Now at the time of the pick I was a little disappointed because Kyle Wilson was falling throughtout the draft and for him to go 29th and we picked 30th disappointed me. But the more I think about it Jahvid Best is a good pick because he brings them an explosive back and a pass catching running back which can be extremely helpful to Matt Stafford's development. A-

3rd round- Amari Spievey- Now after getting over not getting Kyle Wilson I was excited about the pick because CB is our biggest need and this kid was a great corner in the big ten. I do believe we will get another CB in free agency but he is a good start and could start for us for a long time. A

4th round- Jason Fox- Now most people new that after skipping on an OT in round 1 we would be looking to draft one later in the draft and that is what we did. Jason Fox at the beginning of the year was graded as a higher round prospect and while having a few injuries having us fall to us in the 4th round could eventually become a steal. B+

7th round- Wille Young- Now im not going to criticize or praise this pick because honestly ive never seen him play. I've heard that he could make the roster which is why I cannot grade this pick. Incomplete

7th round- Tim Toone- Read Willie Young. Incomplete

Now overall I will give the Lions an A- because they adressed all their major needs with all their picks and free agent acquisitions though after the Fox pick they had to wait a long time to pick again which might be something they regret. A player that I was targeting in the 4th round range was Resahd Jones SS Georgia whom I would have like to see the Lions trade maybe a 6th next season and a 7th this year to get into the middle of the fifth round and take him.

Overall though I can't complain because the Lions have gotten a lot better and i'm going to trust that the front office did their work as they did last year so that these draft picks can produce on the field.

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