A Smurfy Draft for the 2010 Detroit Lions!

After the draft I could not help but to sit back and digest it for a bit. I fell asleep shortly after our fourth round pick. I had been up all night going over our first three selections and knew there would not be much excitement going into the 7th round. I have to say that I noticed something different this year in the Lions strategy and I like it. Let me elaborate here for you. Last year all of our first four selections had been in for predraft visits. Early on that led me to speculate that the Lions would only draft from a list of players whom had visited. Boy was I wrong about that. Not only did the Lions put out some serious stealth manuvers this year in selections like Best and Spivey, it is also my belief that the visits mean exactly what they are. The visits are nothing more than doing homework, making sure a guy checks out, and one is left with the conclusion that this year many of those prospects failed the test when visiting the Lions. Lets take a look at the pre draft visits see if we can put two and two together as to why they did not end up being Lions.

QB Jonathan Crompton: 6'3", 222, Tennessee, Pick 37, Round 5 (168), Chargers, Grade 4.0, Pick Analysis: The Chargers got a backup QB to Philip Rivers that many pepole think has a chance to develop. He had a breakout season last year with 27 TDs and only 13 interceptions. He was a backup to Erik Ainge in 2007 and just couldn't stay healthy in 2008, followed by a concussion in the bowl game this season. Durability is an issue, as well as accuraccy, as he never completed more than 58 percent of his passes in a season. But he's a big kid, throws a catchable ball, and played for four different coordinators in five years.

My Take: This guy might have been on our radar for a round 7 pick or as a rookie free agent, but there is no way we should have taken him over Jason Fox. He just did not fall in the proper value range for us to pick him.

QB Bill Stull (Pittsburgh): This guy is not even on the prospect list at, if we still want him we could sign him.

RB Deji Karim: 5'11", 205, Southern Illinois, Pick 11, Round 6 (180), Jaguars, Pick Analysis: The Jaguars entered the draft with a need at running back, and wait until the sixth-round to fill that void. Southern Illoinis' Deji Karim had one of the most impressive pro day workouts of any 2010 prospect, and will compete for a chance to spell starter Maurice Jones-Drew.

My Take: This guy might have been on our radar for a round 7 pick or as a rookie free agent, but there is no way we should have taken him over Jason Fox. He just did not fall in the proper value range for us to pick him.

RB Joique Bell: 5'11", 220, Wayne State (MI), Grade 3.6: Signed with the Bills.

FB John Connor: 5'11", 246, Kentucky, Pick 8, Round 5 (139), Jets, Grade 3.7, Pick Analysis: The Jets get a young fullback to develop behind Tony Richardson. As a head-banger with good strength and power, Connor has the skills to be an ideal lead blocker in the Jets' power running game. Though he doesn't catch the ball well out of the backfield, he has skills that the Jets covet in their lead backs.

My Take: This guy might have been on our radar for a round 7 pick or as a rookie free agent, but there is no way we should have taken him over Jason Fox. He just did not fall in the proper value range for us to pick him.

TE Ed Dickson: 6'4", 249, Oregon, Pick 6, Round 3 (70), Ravens, Grade 7.6, Pick Analysis: The Ravens continue to stockpile talent at every position, and the selection of Dickson gives them another talented pass catcher. The former Oregon standout is an explosive athlete capable of creating mismatches in space at tight end. With Todd Heap nearing the end of his career, Dickson could be in line for a key role as a rookie.

My Take: We would have had to give up Amari Spivey to get this guy. I hope this makes it clear exactly the value that we got out of the Ernie Sims trade. This is the first guy we would have taken as an optin equal to Tony Scheffler in the draft. therefore it can be said that Ernie Sims was traded for Round 3 pick 6 and Round 7 pick 13. Round 7 Pick 13 (Chaney, Jamar, LB, 6'1", 242, Mississippi State, Grade 4.4) was then traded to the Eagles for thier 2011 6th round pick. Couple that with the fact that Ernie Sims had one year left on his contract and was a sure bet to leave in free agency = Mayhewed. Freaking brilliant move to get Scheffler and a 2011 6th round pick.

TE Jimmy Graham: 6'6", 260, Miami, Pick 31, Round 3 (95), Saints, Grade 7.3, Pick Analysis: The Saints pick up the ultra-athletic Jimmy Graham to bolster the depth at the tight end position. The former basketball standout gives the Saints an intriguing young tight end to develop behind Jeremy Shockey. Given his size and athleticism, he could become an immediate contributor as a red zone weapon in his rookie season.

My Take: See Ed Dickson above.

TE Aaron Hernandez: 6'2", 245, Florida, Pick 15, Round 4 (113), Patriots, Grade 7.4, Pick Analysis: The Patriots continue to raid the campus of the University of Florida with the addition of Aaron Hernandez. As a savvy pass catcher with outstanding athleticism, Hernandez gives the team an ideal H-Back to use in its multiple tight end formations.

My Take: See Ed Dickson above.

TE Jeff Cottam (Tennessee): This guy is not even on the prospect list at, if we still want him we could sign him.

OT Russell Okung:
6'5", 307, Oklahoma State, Pick 6, Round 1 (6), Seahawks, Grade 8.7, Pick Analysis: Russell Okung becomes Walter Jones' heir apparent on the left side of the offensive line. As a sound technician with outstanding feet and hands, he gives Matt Hasselbeck an exceptional blocker on the blind side. Although the Seahawks still have several voids to fill, they may have solved their biggest issue with the selection of Okung as their new left tackle.

My Take: We took Suh and still got a 2nd round talent for a LT prospect in our round four pick of Jason Fox.

OT Trent Williams: 6'5", 315, Oklahoma, Pick 4, Round 1 (4), Redskins, Grade 8.6, Pick Analysis: The Redskins opt to take the ultra-athletic Trent Williams over Russell Okung. Williams, who logged starts at both tackle spots and center during his collegiate career, gives the team a nimble athlete to play left tackle in their zone-based blocking scheme. Although there were some concerns about his work ethic, his ability to cutoff blockers on the backside on running plays made him a better fit for Washington.

My Take: See Russell Okung above.

OT Charles Brown: 6'5", 303, Southern Cal, Pick 32, Round 2 (64), Saints, Grade 8.1, Pick Analysis: The Saints grab a quality offensive tackle with the selection of Charles Brown. With Jammal Brown reportedly on the trading block, Charles Brown gives the team a young developmental prospect to groom for a bigger role in a year or two.

My Take: We were all watching this guy fall and I know I was pretty excited thinking about getting him at pick 66. The Saints jumped us by a couplle of picks though. With the Saints taking this guy I can only think one of three things happened, keep in mind this guy has medical issues that caused him to slip. One, we did not anticipate the Saints making this pick and therefore did not trade up to grab him. Two, We tried to trade up but did not have enough or were not willing to give up enough to pull it off. Three, he did not check out for us medically and the Saints decided to take a chance that we were not willing to. No matter either way though since Jason Fox is a very similar situation. It will be interesting to compare these two and see who has a more successful career down the road.

OT Zane Beadles: 6'4", 310, Utah, Pick 13, Round 2 (45), Broncos, Grade 7.0, Pick Analysis: Josh McDaniels picks up Zane Beadles to provide quality depth to the offensive line. Although Beadles lined up at offensive tackle during his collegiate days, he will likely move inside to guard as a pro. With his size and strength, Beadles should help the Broncos improve their running game.

My Take: Denver took a flyer here. Either they see something no one else does with this guy or they reached and over paid for him. Projected as a guard this guy would have went around the top third of round three where we took Amari Spivey and just is not nearly the need at guard that Spivey is at corner back. I think we probably had this guy graded out to a third or fourth round pick for us and would have been more in our wheelhouse had we taken a different route in the draft. Either way Denver was hell bent on getting this guy.

OG Mike Iupati: 6'5", 331, Idaho, Pick 17, Round 1 (17), 49ers, Grade 8.4, Pick Analysis: The 49ers continue to fortify their offensive line with the selection of Mike Iupati. The rugged interior blocker possesses the size and strength to blow defenders off the ball, and his style is an ideal fit in the 49ers' smash mouth running game. A leaky offensive line kept the team from maximizing its potential a season ago, but the additions of Anthony Davis and Iupati have turned a position of weakness into one of strength heading into 2010.

My Take: A wonderful mid first round prospect I think this guy was an option for us in a trade down scenario. With us taking Suh he was never in the cards for us and I am glad of that. I wish him the best and got a smile on my face when I seen the 49ers screw over the Steelers by taking him. Not that I think the Steelers are terribly upset to get Pouncy.

DT Gerald McCoy: 6'4", 295, Oklahoma, Pick 3, Round 1 (3), Buccaneers, Grade 8.8, Pick Analysis: The Bucs finally find a Warren Sapp-like player to man their "three-technique" position. McCoy is a disruptive force with the quickest first step of any defensive tackle in recent history. His ability to create instant penetration with his explosive "get off" makes him the ideal fit in the Tampa-2 scheme.

My Take: Many thought this guy might end up in Detroit and I have to say, all Suh love aside, I wish this guy the best. He seems like a real classy guy and I think he would have been a fine pick should we have decided to not take Suh. Now all bullshit politeness aside let me say what I really think. I really dont give a rats ass what this guy does in his career, I am just glad we picked Suh. If for some reason this guy gets more sacks blah blah whatever and I hear any we should have taken McCoy crap I am going to find a way to shove pixels up someones ass. Different players, different schems, different coaches, different team mates, comparing these two guys at this point though intersting will prove nothing, even in hindsight.

DT Ndamukong Suh: 6'4", 307, Nebraska, Pick 2, Round 1 (2), Lions, Grade 8.7, Pick Analysis: The Lions pick Ndamukong Suh to become the pillar of their defense at the tackle spot. Suh gives coach Jim Schwartz a disruptive interior player in the mold of Albert Haynesworth to build around. Given the fact that the Lions ranked 32nd in total defense last season, Suh's dominant presence should restore some of the roar in Detroit.

My Take: Detroit Lions Proud Winners of the 2010 NFL Draft Suh-per Bowl! Nuf Said!

DT Hall Davis: 6'4", 271, Louisiana-Lafayette, Pick 18, Round 5 (149), Rams, Grade 5.4, Pick Analysis: The Rams nab a defensive end with good athleticism and upside with the selection of Hall Davis. The former basketball player has intriguing physical tools, and could develop into a legitimate pass rusher in time. He is an interesting prospect for the Rams to groom for a bigger role in the future.

My Take: This guy might have been on our radar for a round 7 pick or as a rookie free agent, but there is no way we should have taken him over Jason Fox. He just did not fall in the proper value range for us to pick him.

DT Torell Troup: 6'3", 314, Central Florida, Pick 9, Round 2 (41), Bills, Grade 5.3,
Pick Analysis: The Bills select Torell Troup to fill their void at nose tackle. The mammoth interior defender possesses outstanding strength and power, and is the stout force that the Bills need in the middle of their defense. Although some would say that Terrence Cody would've been a good fit, Troup has similar skills and should be a solid player in his first season.

My Take: The Bills really reached on this pick, they took him 16 picks ahead of Terrence Cody. Either they fell in love with Troup or the fell out of love with Cody and felth that there was going to be a run on 3-4 nose tackles. I have a sneaky feeling this guy was under rated by scouts and that the perceived reach here is not as far as one might think. Either way this guy was only a value pick for us in the later rounds once we picked Suh. I don't even think he would have been picked in the 4th considering we had bigger needs than DT at that point, he would have had to fall all the way to the 6th or 7th for us to move on him. This guy will be another one that is interesting to follow and see how he does in the NFL.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul: 6'5", 270, South Florida, Pick 15, Round 1 (15), Giants, Grade 8.6, Pick Analysis: The Giants add another talented pass rusher to their deep defensive line rotation with their selection of Jason Pierre-Paul. Although the South Florida standout is a little raw in some aspects of his game, he possesses outstanding first-step quickness and has an exceptional burst of the edge. Given the Giants' ability to develop young pass rushers, the addition of Pierre-Paul ensures that their stable will remain full for a long time to come.

My Take: This guy was on our radar for a trade down scenario and would have have been one of those surprise picks had it went down that way. Ultimately I am very glad we went down the chosen path, this guy is going to be boom or bust and may be one of the most intreaguing prospects in the entire draft. Everyone laughed when the Raiders made a sensable pick and took Rolando McClain out from under the Giants, but they may just have done them the biggest favor in the entire draft if this guy reaches his potential.

LB Danny Batten: 6'3", 250, South Dakota State, Pick 23, Round 6 (192), Bills, Pick Analysis: The Bills' makeover to a 3-4 defense continues with this pick. In the second round they took Torell Troupe, in the third round they took five-technique Alex Carrington, and then with the last two picks they've gone to small-school conversion outside linebackers. Batten from SDSU is an undersized, quick, try-hard edge rusher, whose motor never stops.

My Take: Projected as a DE for us the for the second time the Bills take him as piece to their new 3-4 defense. This guy was probably on our radar as an early 7th round pick and a project. This could have been our famous Gunther Cunningham "mystery linebacker". One thing that is interesting to note here is how there is overlap in players from our 4-3 defense to a 3-4. That is because the Schwartz version of the 4-3 defense has similar principles to a 3-4 base defense, or so I have read.

CB Perrish Cox: 5'11", 195, Oklahoma State, Pick 6, Round 5 (137), Broncos, Grade 6.9, Pick Analysis: The Broncos take a chance on a talented cover man who fell down draft boards due to character concerns. In spite of his off-field woes, Perrish Cox has good skills and is a top-flight corner with the potential to emerge as a starter. Additionally, he is a dynamic returner with big-play skills in the open field. He could be a huge draft day sleeper for the Broncos.

My Take: We took Jason Fox in the late 4th and Perrish went in the early 5th, that leaves me comparing the two. Fox had medical concerns, Cox had off field issues. Fox starts with F, Cox starts with C, lol I had to! Well I think that about sums it up actually, both were 2nd round talents that fell hard, the Lions went with the cleaner guy off the field over a potential head case. Also consider that we could have taken him in the 3rd round over Amari Spivey if we wanted too. I think this guy was always a backup plan for us in case there was a run on corner backs.

CB Patrick Robinson: 5'11", 190, Florida State, Pick 32, Round 1 (32), Saints, Grade 8.0, Pick Analysis: The Saints prove that a defense can never have enough corners with the selection of Patrick Robinson. Although New Orleans took Malcolm Jenkins with its first-round pick a season ago, the addition of Robinson gives the team the flexibility to move Jenkins to free safety or create a series of exotic nickel packages to get its athletic corners on the field. Regardless, the Saints have clearly improved their depth and talent in the back end, and that ensures they will remain among the best at creating takeaways in 2010.

My Take: This is an interesting guy, he is tied into not just us because of the trade up with Minnesota, but them too. He was thier target guy for pick 30 so not only did we get Best, we kept Robinson off the Vikings, and kept Best off any divison rival roster. It is also speculated (by me at least) that the famous Pete Carrol tweets pointed to them trading up to get Best in round 2, or possibly taking him with pick 14. The Lions had been trying to trade up for best since mid first round and we were lucky to get him. Another side note, as a result of us getting best and the Vikings not getting Robinson they took Toby Gerhart. Either way I support the decision to take the last home run threat running back and take a later pick from a still very deep corner back pool. Again this guy had "character issues" that I believe helped the Lions to pass him up and he would not have fallen to us at 34, we would have had to trade up for him too.

CB Robert McClain: 5'9", 195, Connecticut, Pick 42, Round 7 (249), Panthers, Pick Analysis: Possesses some impressive man coverage skills, and has outstanding speed. He is well defined physically and has the ability to compete for a backup position in Carolina.

My Take: If we wanted this guy we could have taken him instead of WIllie Young. This tells me that either his workout with the Lions did not go well, or that the coaches think we are better off in our secondary than people think we are.

CB Troney Schumpert (Wisconsin-Whitewater): This guy is not even on the prospect list at, if we still want him we could sign him.

CB Corry Stewart (Hanover): This guy is not even on the prospect list at, if we still want him we could sign him.

S Kam Chancellor: 6'3", 231, Virginia Tech, Pick 2, Round 5 (133), Seahawks, Grade 6.0, Pick Analysis: The Seahawks get a big, athletic safety in Kam Chancellor. The Virginia Tech standout is adept at playing in the box, and his combination of size and speed make him a strong candidate to emerge as a key contributor on special teams.

My Take: A small reach by Seattle you have to wonder if they plan on him only being a special teams stud or if they are going to try and convert him to line backer. I had this guy down as a 7th round prospect and he simply did not last that long or I think he would be a Lion. Definately not worth giving up Chris Houston or Cory Williams for.

Other guys that I have unearthed that either visited the Lions or the Lions had a private workout with pre draft.

WR Donald Jones: 6'0", 214, Youngstown State, Grade 2.0: Signed with the Bills.

C/OT AJ Trump Miami: Signed with Steelers.

DE/TE Frank Zombo CMU: Signed with Packers.

OLB/DE Antonio Coleman: 6'1", 255, Auburn, Grade 2.2: If we still want him we could sign him.

S Chris Maragos Wisconsin:
Signed with 49ers.

Conclusion: Being the smurfy dude that I am I noticed an underlying theme in this year and last years picks. The Lions are looking far key character aspects in their picks. They are taking guys that are hard nosed, physical, and a pain in the ass to play against. It is pretty clear that the Lions are going to be the kind of team that other teams regret playing, coming out of games with us battered and bruised even if they can manage a win. On top of that we draft guys that want to be here, that want to help turn this thing around. Players that have conviction in themselves and the coaches, they not only believe that it can be done, they have a matter of fact confidence that it will be done sooner than most think. On top of that when we do give a guy a second chance it seems to be when we are absolutely sure there is little risk of the previous character issues becoming a factor in the present or future of said player. This is why we do not have Patrick Robinson, Perrish Cox, Lagarrett Blount, ALbert Haynesworth or Phillip Buchanon amongst others. So before you ask why the Lions did not get this guy or that guy take that into consideration. Losers, selfish players, head cases, non motivated players, paycheck collectors, premadonnas, and any other mental handicap you can think of, are not welcome on the Detroit Lions. And that is something I think we can all be proud of our team about. In the spirit of that I have included the following link for people to view while they wonder "WHY OH WHY DID WE NOT TAKE *INSERT PLAYER NAME HERE*!"


PS: After this draft I truely hate the Jets, Bills, and Green Bay. In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy I can only say one things to them cities: "You go fuck yourself New York, Buffalo, and Green Bay."

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