Aaron Berry - an interesting prospect.

Ahh, the wonderful UDFA time after the draft. My kool-aid is spiked and I want to fast-forward through the summer. Maybe I'll just continually drink and sleep, and the summer will go by more quickly.

Anyways, I did a little checking up on Aaron Berry, the CB from Pitt, since it was intriguing that other teams had given him offers as well, and he opted to accept ours. The kid seems like a nice prospect and has some chance to make the team, with our dismal secondary..maybe that's why he accepted our offer haha.

Anyways, here's some stuff to look at:

5'10-11, 176-180. Take that how you will.

40 yard dash reported in the "high 4.3's and low 4.4's" at the Pitt pro day. Which, if true, would have put him as the fastest cornerback at the combine if he was invited. I recently read that he ran a 4.47 as told by another site, which is still plenty fast in my opinion, especially when comparing to the others of this class.

Broad jump of 10.3', Vertical of 37". Both are sub-par when compared to others that participated at the combine.

First team All-Big East 2009, as selected by the Big East coaches.

Golden Tate described him as the toughest cornerback he had faced all year.

His average numbers are contributed by the fact that quarterbacks tended to not throw his way.

Said it be a natural cover corner, with some very good, but very raw talent.

An interview to read if you'd like.

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