Way too early starting line up projections for opening day 2010

Ok, just for we go:

(The RB situation I believe will be dictated by Smiths health)


QB-Stafford, Hill, Stanton

RB-Morris, Smith, Best

FB- Felton, Clapp

WR-C. Johnson, Burleson, B. Johnson, D. Williams, Northcutt

TE- Pettigrew, Scheffler

LT- Backus, Jansen

LG- Sims, Ramierez

C- Riola, Gandy

RG- Peterman, Ramierez

RT- Gosder, Fox



LDE- C. WIlliams, Hunter, Avril

DT- Suh, J. Cohen, C. Williams, Fluellen

DT- SLH, L. Cohen, C. Williams, Fluellen

RDE- KVB, DeVries, Avril

LOLB- Peterson, Dizon, Avril

MLB- Levy, Stamper, Dizon

ROLB- Follett,  L. Johnson

RCB- Jack Williams, C. Houston, E. King 

LCB- A. Jones, Spivey , J. Wade

FS- Delmas, M. Manuel

SS- Bullocks, K. Simpson

K- Hanson

P- Harris

KR- A. Jones, Best

PR- N. Burleson, Best


Therer are obviously other roleplayers and special teamers. But right now, if I had to venture a guess, this is where I would put my very little money.

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