For some laughs

I was over at ninernation, following up on an article about Blount, and came across this,,,thought it might brings some chuckles to POD, LOL I think we can throw Joe Cullen under management eh> Enjoy

First Annual All Headcase Team!

Hey doodsters, I am putting together my "All Headcase Team" and I need a widdle bit of help. I know who my QB, RB, DE and WR are, but I need some suggestions and help with the rest of my team...

Here's what I've got so far:

Owner - Al Davis

GM - Joe Thomas

Head Coach - Barry Switzer Joe Cullen

QB - Ryan Leaf - Went psycho on reporter, indicted on burglary/controlled substance charges
QB - Ben Roethlisberger - Addicted to cheeseburgers and raping young women.
QB - Michael Vick

RB - Lawrence Phillips - Driving a car into 3 teenagers, choked GF unconcious, serving 31 yrs
RB - O.J. Simpson - Found not guilty of murder, "If I did it" book, later: Las Vegas robbery/kidnapping, serving 33yrs
WR - Rae Curruth - Fugitive found in trunk of a car, convicted of conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend
WR - Plaxico Burris - Domestic disturbances, civil lawsuits, shot self in leg at nightclub, serving time in prison
WR - Chris Henry - Aggrivated assault w/ firearm, drug/alcohol incidents, domestic dispute: fell out of truck and died
WR - Michael Irvin - Raging coke head, stabbed teammate in the neck with scissors over a haircut
G - Conrad Dobler - Dirtiest player in NFL history, kicked, punched spit on opponents
G -
C - Barret Robbins - Went missing week of SB, Bipolar, shot 3 times during a brawl with police
OT - Kyle Turley - Threatened to kill Mike Martz
OT - Kenyatta Jones - Poured boiling water on a teammate, arrested for urinating on a dance floor, assaulted officer
TE - Jerramy Stevens - Assaulted 17yo, arrested for sexual assault, crashed into a nursing home
DE - Alonzo Spellman -
DE - Charles Haley - Urinating on cars, masturbating in locker room
DT - Tank Johnson -
DT - Albert Haynsworth
LB - Brian Bosworth
LB - Bill Romanowski - Seems like the epitome of a 'roid rager, spit in Stokes face, punched teamate in eye
LB - Lawrence Taylor - Sent prostitutes to opposing players to distract them, raging coke head
LB -
FS - Dwight Smith
SS -
CB - Pacman Jones
CB -
K - Sebastian Janikowski - E-tard, numerous run-ins with the law
P - Todd Sauerbrun - What does a punter need 'roids for?


In case you might be thinking "OMGsh, what the fudge is 'All Headcase Team'?"

Answer: It's the nuttiest stooges in NFL history's All-Star squadron of crack headz and weirdoz. Like a bunch of wild goons who were the craziest [zite decorum] holes at their position. Help me out by throwing in your suggestions. I want to see a [zite decorom]ing bad ass line up of murderers, theives, crack fiends, masturbaters (Haley), idiots and downright insane criminal thuggish ruggish bone heads ever. Even retired players who've gone psycho count!

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