With there still being holes/needs on the roster, Detroit will be watching very closely...

          After another draft from Schwartz what is next from the turned offensive genius, will he turn back to that defensive genius and fill some much needed holes or is he content w/ what has been built through FA, trades and the draft. Whatever it is i'm sure it'll be genius like or pretty close, here are some RFA who haven't signed and that i would like to see either sign and trade or released. I would be happy to have anyone of these guys on our roster this year....

SS OJ Atogwe who is better than any ss on the roster and could fit nice w/ Delmas.

SS Dawan Landry any starter from the Ravens D is an obvious upgrade.

CB Richard Marshall consistent through out his career avg. 80 tackles and 4 ints

LB Rocky McIntosh would be a beast in the D and i would love to have him and if he's worth it i believe Schwartz will make a move.


       I know that we have heard that Zach will start but as good as he was on ST and holding down LB at the end of the season he's not Rocky and i think another year could help him more than starting. Teach him the ins and outs of strongside b/c Peterson won't play forever. These are some RFA who i believe won't sign there tender or at this point haven't and would like to see in Detroit.  Open to all comments and add ons basically if someones not listed that you would like to see feel free to add him just trying to kill time... 

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