Just had an idea...

What if the Lions did something along these lines:


1-Ndamukong Suh - DT

2-Jahvid Best - RB

3-Parish Cox or Brandon Ghee

4-John Jerry (if he drops this far)

5-Greg Hardy

7-John Connor

7-Trindon Holliday

After the draft, Jerome Felton is moved to RB, and then John Connor would be our starting FB. Then Jahvid Best would be the main back, with KSmith coming in as a 3rd down back. Our run game would be taken care of, our oline would be stronger, the defensive line would be one of our strongest units, and CB would even be addressed. We even pick up a guy in Holliday that can help us win the field position battle, and allot D. Williams and A. Brown to focus on offense.

Just an idea that the Lions FO could look at. It would make the Connor visit make sense. I don't think they would draft a FB to move Felton to RB and be naive enough to think that our problem is solved on that one move alone. This way we have solid depth as it would be:

Jahvid Best/Kevin Smith/Maurice Morris/Jerome Felton

and then Aaron Brown would continue to come in and play split WR/RB on occasional 1st and 2nd downs.

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