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Tuesday Notes: Rams Continue to Clear Up Draft Picture

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  • The Rams released quarterback Marc Bulger yesterday, which helps clear up the draft picture even more.  By releasing Bulger, St. Louis seemingly signaled that they are moving forward, and chances are moving forward will include Sam Bradford.
  • Not that there was any speculation over this anyways, but don't expect Bulger to sign with the Lions.
  • Rob Sims was ranked as the eighth-best guard overall last season and the fourth-best left guard by Pro Football Focus.
  • Ty over at the always tremendous The Lions In Winter broke down the Lions' defensive line.
  • Congratulations to sgdbw90 for winning Pride of Detroit tournament pick'em.  As a result, he will get a football autographed by Matthew Stafford.
  • We officially have a word to use when the Lions' Martin Mayhew makes a great trade or move at the expense of another team thanks to n4ry4:
    mayhew (MAY - hue)

    alt: "mayhews", "mayhewed", "mayhewing"

    -verb (used without object)
    1. To acquire far greater value in draft picks or player talent than one gives up in exchange for player talent or draft picks. The Lions upgraded their offensive line with some successful mayhewing in the Rob Sims trade.

    -verb (used with object)
    2. To entice one to give up draft pick or player value in exchange for lesser value; to be swindle one out of player talent or draft value. Mr. Jones was mayhewed by the Detroit Lions in the Roy Williams trade.

    3. The act of mayhewing or an instance of mayhewing in an NFL trade. The Lions really pulled a mayhew when they acquired a 10-6 quality talented quarterback for a mere 7th round draft pick.
    So who do we contact to make this an official entry in the dictionary?
  • My thoughts and prayers go out to Zack Follett, as his dad passed away last week.