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Thursday Notes: Lions Continue to Host Potential Picks for Visits

  • We are two weeks away from the first-round of the draft!
  • Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams visited the Lions on Tuesday.
  • Florida State cornerback Patrick Robinson is going to visit the Lions at some point this week, according to National Football Post.
  • John Niyo reports that Miami tight end Jimmy Graham visited the Lions last week.  As Niyo points out, Graham is the second tight end to visit the Lions (the other was Oregon's Ed Dickson), making it seem like the team is pretty interested in using a pick on that position in the draft.
  • Mel Kiper thinks the Lions will draft Ndamukong Suh in the first round and then proceed to draft as many as two running backs in later rounds.
  • New Lions offensive guard Rob Sims sounds very happy to be traded to Detroit.
    "This is a football town. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, that's football. It's football and cars,'' Sims said. "This is more of what I'm accustomed to. Out there (in Seattle), the stars are (Microsoft co-founders) Bill Gates and Paul Allen and the people who run Boeing.

    "This is what being in the NFL is supposed to be about -- it's supposed to be stuff like this, sitting up here and talking into the mic and talking to reporters. In Seattle, it's drinking coffee, sitting down and chit-chatting. This is a change, and it's a change I've been looking forward to.''
    Since Sims signed his tender, he is currently on a one-year contract, but he made it known that he'd like to play in Detroit much longer than one season.
    "Right now, we're not talking about anything,'' Sims said. "Hopefully, I can prove to (general manager Martin Mayhew) that I deserve one. I would like to be here long term. I hope this isn't just one year and out. But I've got to earn that. I've got to come in here and show them that I belong and show them I can be here for a long time.''
    Let's hope he plays at a high enough level to warrant an extension.  Sims certainly sounds like he has a great attitude and would love to call Detroit hope for years to come, so I hope he plays well and gets an extension.  After all, that would mean that the Lions finally got some consistently good play at the left guard position, which is what we are all really hoping for with the addition of Sims.
  • It seems like every time Charles Rogers is mentioned on this blog it is after something involving him and the law/legal matters happens, and today is no different.  I say that because a judge ruled earlier this week that Rogers owes the Lions $6.1 million.  I thought this was already determined a couple years ago, but it turns out this is a new ruling.  Either way, the point still stands from a couple years ago that the Lions will be lucky to see a dime of that money from Rogers, let alone all $6.1 million.
  • John Niyo has a list of dates for the Lions' OTAs.
  • Jimmy Clausen's pro day workout is going to be held tomorrow morning. 

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