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Monday Notes: Brett Favre Has Ankle Surgery

  • Brett Favre recently had ankle surgery, adding to the speculation that he is going to come back for another season.  Also adding to the speculation is the fact that the recovery timetable would allow him to get back on the field right after training camp starts.  It's commonly known that Favre would rather skip all of that stuff and just play, and that is exactly what it looks like is going to happen.
  • Tim Twentyman has a rundown of what the depth chart sort of looks like right now.
  • Gosder Cherilus is slowly making his return from knee surgery.
  • Chris Houston was interviewed by WDFN and compared Matthew Stafford to Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.
  • Ndamukong Suh was interviewed by NFL Network.
  • FanHouse TV interviewed Jahvid Best.
  • Could Best end up being rated higher than C.J. Spiller in Madden?
  • Although the overtime rule is likely to be voted on for the regular season, it's not a sure thing.
  • There was an interesting court ruling made by the Supreme Court that basically said the NFL is made up of 32 different entities and is not just one big business.

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