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Interested in Writing for Pride of Detroit? Here's Your Chance

Pride of Detroit has been around for more than four years, and during that time I have pretty much been solely responsible for producing front-page content on the site.  I did add Drew as a front-page contributor and he had some great posts last season, but life has intervened and prevented him from posting now a days.  The same has happened for me at times where I was too busy with class or other things to post as much as I'd like to, sometimes leaving the site without new updates for a few days.  With a new opportunity you will soon hear about starting in the next couple of weeks and with class starting up again in the fall, chances are there will be more moments where I could use some help with the site.

Keeping all of that in mind, I decided to just go ahead and put up a post to see if any of you would be interested in writing for Pride of Detroit.  How much you write and what kind of writing you do is not set in stone by any means, but more than anything I'm looking for people who can bring something different to the table.  For example, I post stuff about the latest news every day and only post analysis-based pieces when I get a chance, so one thing I would be looking to add more of is in-depth analysis.


There are a few users out there who already consistently write great FanPosts, and I may go ahead and contact them to see if they would be interested in writing for POD.  First I just wanted to put up a general post seeing if anybody would be interested, though, as that will give me a better idea of how many people could be added in the future.

If you are in fact interested in becoming a front-page writer for Pride of Detroit, send me an e-mail at  In your e-mail, please share what you would want to write about on POD or what ideas you may have.  Also, if possible, send me/direct me to examples of your writing.  Being a good writer is obviously a necessary skill to have for something like this, so that will greatly help in determining if you should be added to the site. 

I'm really open to any and all ideas you guys may have, so even if you're not interested in writing for the site, feel free to leave comments about what you would like to see going forward content-wise (i.e. more analysis, profiles on players, etc.).  There are some weekly features during the season I used to do (NFC North recap/fantasy football recap) that I just didn't have time for last year, so perhaps those are some things you'd like to see brought back if somebody wanted to take over them once the season starts.

Anyways, I look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested in writing for POD and I thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have going forward.

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