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Tuesday Notes: Nate Burleson Looks to Step Up Lions' Game

  • Nate Burleson wants the Lions to win at least 8 games this coming season, and beyond that, he wants to help change the losing attitude and make it a thing of the past.  Burleson seems like he is already stepping up to be a leader in the locker room, and that is definitely a good thing.
  • Football Outsiders determined that the Lions were the fifth-most injured team in the NFL last year.  Injuries have been very bothersome for the Lions in recent years, and if the team is going to start to turn things around, key players need to stay healthy.
  • Zack Follett described Matthew Stafford's passes in the OTAs as "jaw-dropping."
  • New York/New Jersey won the vote to host the 2014 Super Bowl.  There was a selection show on NFL Network and everything, showing just how big the NFL is.
  • Now that one cold weather city is going to host a Super Bowl, all of them want to.
  • It now looks like the owners won't vote on extending the new overtime rules to the regular season.  The original thinking was that the vote would take place during the owners meetings this week and the proposal would be passed.  Many coaches, including Jim Schwartz, would like to have the opportunity to experience the new rules in the regular season rather than have them come up for the first time ever in the playoffs.  That has been my argument this whole time.  The new rules are fine, but they should be uniform, not different just for the playoffs.
  • Texans coach Gary Kubiak likes what he sees in Dan Orlovsky, who likely will be Matt Schaub's backup this year.

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