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Monday Notes: Playing Catch Up

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Note: This is a long post, as it's the first notes one I've done since before the draft.  That means there's a lot of stuff to talk about, so let's get right to it...

  • First things first, I want to thank you all for making April the biggest month ever in Pride of Detroit history traffic-wise.  March's record quickly went by the wayside, as April ended up with more than 668,000 page views when all was said and done, and that was with one less day.  Between the insane traffic and the amazing amount of activity on the site, April was without a doubt the busiest month in Pride of Detroit history.  Thanks again!
  • Cedric Peerman and DeAngelo Smith, who were released by the Lions after the draft, were quickly claimed by the Bengals and Browns, respectively.  It's weird to see other teams go after players the Lions let go, but this has happened a few times recently.  Perhaps it alone is a sign of progress.
  • Ndamukong Suh's jersey is the second-best selling one out of this year's rookies.  Tim Tebow's jersey is in first place by a wide margin.
  • If you're looking into getting some autographed Ndamukong Suh memorabilia, check out Steiner Sports, which is offering a special deal to POD readers.  You can get an autographed 8x10 photo for only $39.99 instead of $69.99 by using the code SUHLION1, and by using the code SUHLION2 you can get an autographed football for $199.99 instead of $299.99.
  • Just like Matthew Stafford a year ago, Suh was the Lions' consensus pick.
  • Unlike the Stafford pick last year, fans at the Ford Field draft party cheered when Suh was announced as the Lions' selection.
  • The Lions in Winter has a nice recap of the aforementioned draft party at Ford Field.

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