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Blue Light Presents: Which Players Make Up The Lions' Top Duo?


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With all of this talk about duos, I started to wonder... Which two players make up the top duo for the Detroit Lions? It is an interesting thing to think about because it really depends on your definition of a duo and your opinion of which players fit that role.

For me, I debated between two duos for the Lions. The first is at the running back position, with the assumption that Kevin Smith will return from his knee injury and be effective. Should that happen, I think he and Jahvid Best have a great chance to be the Lions' top duo. Each plays with a unique running style and makes things happen in different ways. Together, though, I think the Lions could have a solid running back by committee with Smith and Best. Best is without a doubt the home run hitter, but Smith is somebody who can be a consistent runner that picks up solid chunks of yardage every play (again, if he is healthy).

The other duo I considered and ultimately went with is Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Since OTAs have started, we have heard a lot about how Stafford and Calvin are starting to get on the same page and are poised to become a stellar quarterback-wide receiver combination next season. We saw some signs of the Staff to Megatron combo last season on plays against the Browns and Bengals, but a lot of times it just looked like the two were reading different playbooks. This year, however, I think Stafford and Johnson have the potential to become not only this team's top duo, but the top duo the Lions have had in quite some time.

Who do you think the Lions' top duo is, and what are some of your favorite duos in Lions history?

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