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Lions Violate CBA, Forfeit Two OTAs

Just last week there was a story about how the Lions were doing some different things for drills during OTAs since hitting is not allowed. There was also a story about how Jim Schwartz is so meticulous that there shouldn't be concerns about the Lions getting too physical and breaking the rules. The story focused on how he keeps track of every little detail, making it seem unlikely that too much hitting would ever be an issue for the Lions.

Well, something happened recently that shows everyone is prone to a mistake here or there, because the Lions have violated the CBA and will lose a pair of OTAs, according to the NFLPA's Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs.

Detroit Lions have violated the CBA and will forfeit two days (June 21 and June 22) of OTAs.

Next week there were supposed to be the two OTAs and then a three-day minicamp right after, meaning this will throw a wrench in some of the Lions' plans, such as getting 95% of the offensive playbook installed before training camp.

This also brings up the following questions: What were the Lions doing that constituted too much hitting? And who squealed on the Lions for being too physical?

Chances are we may never hear an answer to either question, especially the second one, but I'm interested in whether or not whatever was too physical was a one-time thing or something that happened consistently. I don't have a problem if the Lions were being too physical on a consistent basis because that's the nature of the game, but I do wish we could hear the name of who spilled the beans.

UPDATE: The Detroit News reports that the violation was because of "issues regarding the intensity and tempo of drills." Also, the News mentioned that the NFL will randomly take a look at tapes from practices to enforce their rules, so chances are a player did not tattle or anything.

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