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Lions Not At The Top Of Keith Bulluck's Wish List

After Ernie Sims was traded to Philadelphia, the big question on the minds of Lions fans involved if the team had interest in signing free agent linebacker Keith Bulluck. The possible move to sign Bulluck made perfect sense on paper since Jim Schwartz coached him in Tennessee and because the Lions had a need at LB. 

The main issue with Bulluck was the fact that he tore his ACL last year, prompting Schwartz to say that the Lions had enough players coming off that injury every time he was asked about Bulluck. Last month, however, Schwartz did admit that the Lions were keeping an eye on Bulluck, though nothing was imminent by any means.

So, we know that the Lions do have some interest in Bulluck, but is that feeling mutual? Based on comments Bulluck made today, it certainly doesn't sound like it.

"I'll tell you, man, (the Lions) are one of those teams that's up-and-coming," said Bulluck, who made 127 consecutive starters prior to his knee injury late last season. "But honestly, to be 100-percent honest, I want to play for a championship, you know what I'm saying? If it comes down to it, if my option is to go to Detroit, yeah, all right, that's what we gotta do. Because I'm gonna play football, regardless.

"But the New York Giants is what's up. (Laughing.) I'll stay right here. I'm right down the turnpike. ... But a lot of things are appetizing. I just keep everything open. I just keep a clear mind and concentrate on rehabbing and doing what I gotta do."

Basically Bulluck wants to play for a contender, and the Lions are obviously not at that level yet. If top teams are not interested in Bulluck, however, he would not have a problem playing for the Lions. He wouldn't exactly be enthused about doing it, but if the Lions show interest and he doesn't have an opportunity to play for a team like the Giants or another contender, then he obviously wouldn't have an issue signing a deal so he is actually playing somewhere in 2010.

While Schwartz and company are keeping an eye on Bulluck, that doesn't mean he will have an offer to play for the Lions. Detroit is taking a wait-and-see approach with the plan likely to go into training camp and assess further needs from there. If the Lions' current linebackers play well enough that there isn't a need for a player like Bulluck, then the team will move forward with what they have. Besides, who wants a player that would play for the Lions only as a last resort? I'm sure he would embrace the chance if it came to that, and it's not like the Lions can just turn down players that could potentially help upgrade the defense, but if it's a 50/50 type of decision, I vote for just sticking with players already on the team.

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