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Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football Presented By

234x60_ffc_medium Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football has been very popular over the last couple of years and it is back for another season. After just having two leagues in 2008, we went up to four a year ago and all of them were very competitive and fun. This year I expect even more people to be interested in getting involved, and rather than follow the same general setup as the last couple of seasons, we will be doing something a bit different this time around.

I'm proud to say that SB Nation and have partnered together to bring you fantasy football for the 2010 NFL season. Fantasy Football Commissioner gives you the ability to fully customize your league and choose from multiple draft options, including one that allows the draft to take place over a number of days, making scheduling and participating easier on everybody. Fantasy Football Commissioner also has expert and user generated analysis, live chat/league instant messenger to talk trash or just a potential trade, fast and incredibly accurate live scoring, and archived historic league data to look back on that thrilling victory or crushing defeat, among other great features.

The best part about this partnership is that you can sign up for a Fantasy Football Commissioner League, which unlocks all of the awesome features, and get 50% off (and a 14-day free trial) in the process thanks to SB Nation. Normally a Commissioner League runs for $180, but you only have to pay $90 by going through this link. (Note: To get the discount, you must use that link.) With around 12 members in your typical league, that means each person could only be responsible for contributing as little as $7.50 for the ultimate fantasy football experience.

I'm sure you all are probably wondering how this will affect Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football, so let me explain. This year the current plan is for there to be one main league, much like there was last year. The main league will consist of regular posters, although there are so many of you now that the selection of people I constitute as "regular posters" will probably have to just be random. Either way, to get involved in the main league, which already has the entrance fee taken care of, simply leave a comment saying you want in. I will put up another post next week as a last call of sorts for those who are interested, and I will also leave the door open for those who were involved last year just in case they don't see this post.

For those of you who don't end up participating in the main league, I encourage you to sign up for a Commissioner League with fellow Pride of Detroit users or just your friends if you want to simply take advantage of the discount. Heck, even if you do get in the main league, you can do as many as you want, so get involved, and the more leagues the better as far as I'm concerned.

Feel free to use the FanPosts section on POD to coordinate your league early on for things like getting members and paying for the entrance fee ($90 instead of the usual $180). Just a reminder, however, to make use of the discount, make sure to use this link when you sign up for your league.

If the response to this is big enough and a bunch of additional leagues are created by you guys, then we may have a post each week highlighting some of the events from each league. A couple years ago we sort of did something like that, and then last year we basically just gave an update on the standings every so often and of course gave the winners bragging rights on the site at the end of the year. My hope this year is that we get a bunch of leagues running not only because Pride of Detroit could really show off to and SB Nation just how awesome it is, but also because that would provide a lot of great discussion throughout the rest of this summer and during the season.

So, just to recap everything, if you are interested in being in the main league, leave a comment on this post and I will determine who is in sometime next week. Once that is decided or if you don't want to wait, I encourage you guys to start organizing leagues of your own with fellow Pride of Detroit readers or just with your friends if you simply want the discount.

To get the full fantasy football experience, you should sign up for a Commissioner League using this link, which will give you a 50% off discount and keep track of how high the participation rate is for POD (like I said, let's really impress and SB Nation and show them why this community is so great). Feel free to create FanPosts to organize the leagues and to collect the money from each user involved if that's how you want to do it (it would only cost $7.50 each for a 12-person league). Just make sure you use this link when you sign your league up to take advantage of the discount.

This is merely the first of many fantasy football-related posts you will see throughout the summer, but this is the most important as far as understanding what the setup is for this year and how you can get involved. I look forward to seeing what happens and even more, I look forward to winning another championship, so let the games (and trash talk) begin! is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

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