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Lions Players Close Out Minicamp With Brawls, Fines

The Lions' last practice before minicamp breaks and the team gets a month off ended on a sour note because of two brawls, according to Tim Twentyman.

Twentyman reports that the Lions' final practice of the minicamp had to be stopped early because of these brawls, and unsurprisingly, Jim Schwartz is not happy. Tom Kowalski reports that Schwartz chewed the entire team out for 10 minutes in the middle of the field after two "skirmishes" happened at the same time. Apparently there were three fights total during the two-minute drill, and Schwartz lost it after two went down at the same time.

"We had that situation come up in OTAs and we sort of laughed that you can't fine the players. But guess what? There are going to be a lot of fines from today. It's not acceptable what happened,'' Schwartz said. "When you have guys entering fights that aren't involved in it, you know, that's unacceptable. They're going to get taxed pretty heavy for that.''

As Schwartz mentioned, there was a brawl at the end of an OTA last month, but that turned out to be nothing more than a wrestling match that the players and even Schwartz joked about afterward. There was no joking today, though, as Schwartz seems seriously pissed at what happened. A shoving match here or there is expected during these types of practices, but for there to be three fights during one drill and two at the same time is just ridiculous. You can understand why Schwartz is pissed.

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