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What Do You Want To See Going Forward?

Although it's only the end of June, I would like to start planning ahead to the season content-wise. Remember how I put up a post last month about opportunities to write for Pride of Detroit? Well, I'm planning on getting back to those who contacted me (I finally have some time now that SB Nation Detroit has been up and running for a few weeks) later this week, but before I do I just want to put a general question out there: What kind of posts do you want to see on Pride of Detroit in the future? Your feedback will help me gain a better understanding of what areas POD could improve on content-wise, allowing me to have a better idea of what kind of posts are desired as I begin to finalize my writing staff.

Feel free to be as specific as a particular subject (e.g. do a post analyzing such and such stat) you'd like to see covered or as broad as a weekly series (e.g. recap the NFC North). Basically I just want to let you have your say about what you'd like to see down the road. Although adding writers and more content will bolster the site, I don't want to add content just so there's more stuff on here. I want to add content that is worthwhile and will be read, so that is why I am asking for your feedback. While I am more interested in the weekly type of stuff you'd like to see throughout the regular season, feel free to throw other ideas out there as well.

As mentioned, I will try to get back to those who contacted me about writing for POD later this week. Also, keep an eye out for a post about a possible writing opportunity on SB Nation Detroit. Don't contact me or anything like that just yet, but I do think I will be looking to add a few writers as I start to devise a post-summer plan for coverage on that site.

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