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Tom Lewand Blew A .21 On Breathalyzer

From WXYZ's Tom Leyden on Twitter:

Police report in Tom Lewand case details he blew a .21 on the breathalyzer test when brought back to the police station - 1:04am, Saturday.

This provides a bit more clarity about how drunk Lewand was when he was arrested. Some suggested he just had a few too many beers and decided to drive home, but a .21 seems like more than just a few too many, especially when you consider that was what he blew at the police station.

Just for reference purposes, this is what the effects of a BAC that high are, according to Wikipedia:


  • Stupor
  • Loss of understanding
  • Impaired sensations


  • Severe motor impairment
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Memory

I realize people handle their alcohol differently, but it's not like he was a little buzzed and got on the road. Lewand's BAC was quite high, and to get on the road in that state is just completely irresponsible.