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Lions Waive Justin Medlock, Kurt Quarterman

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With Willie Young being signed by the Lions on Monday, the team needed to release someone to make room on the roster for the rookie defensive end. As it turns out, two players were waived by the Lions: kicker Justin Medlock and offensive guard Kurt Quarterman.

Medlock was claimed a couple weeks ago by the Lions. Although some speculated that the move had something to do with Jason Hanson, Jim Schwartz stressed that that wasn't the case. Medlock was originally planning to go to the CFL to play for the Toronto Argonauts before the Lions claimed him, so chances are he will head to Canada if another NFL team doesn't pick him up.

As for Quarterman, he originally came to the Lions as a member of the practice squad last December. He has played for four teams since entering the league in 2007, and now he is once again without a team.