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Lions Agree To 3-Year Deal With Amari Spievey

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Sing it with me: "Oh, we're halfway there / Oh oh, livin' on a prayer..."

Okay, so we're not exactly livin' on a prayer, but the Lions are basically halfway done with getting their rookies under contract. Jason Fox signed last Friday, Willie Young signed on Monday and now third-round pick Amari Spievey is on the verge of signing, according to John Niyo.

Lions agree to terms on three-year deal with rookie CB Amari Spievey, their third-round pick.

With Spievey agreeing to a deal, we are left with Ndamukong Suh, Jahvid Best and Tim Toone as the only rookies without a contract. Toone's deal shouldn't be tough to get done considering he was the final pick of the draft, but I would imagine that we will have to be a bit more patient with Suh and Best.

UPDATE: Spievey should officially sign his deal in the next 24 hours.

UPDATE II: The Lions have announced both the Spievey and Willie Young signings.