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Monday Notes: Jahvid Best Returns Kicks In Recent OTA

  • I really didn't think Jahvid Best would get too much work on returns just because of the injury concern associated with special teams, but lo and behold, he was taking back kickoffs at last Thursday's OTA. When asked about the injury risk, Jim Schwartz had this to say:
    "It really depends on his offensive role," Schwartz said. "It's really not so much an issue of fear of injury. You can say that about every position on the field, kickers included. There's a chance that you can get hurt on every single play. You can't let that dictate a guy's playing time and everything else.

    "I think the biggest thing is what his role is on offense, who else is returning, and doing what's best for the team in that regard, not worrying about injury."
    I still am concerned about the injury risk, but I have to agree with Schwartz. Players can get injured any time they step on the field. Being overly-cautious can do more harm than good if you don't let Best do what he does best (damn, there's that pun again), which is run fast and avoid defenders, a perfect skill set for a returner.
  • Speaking of Best, Tom Kowalski believes with absolute certainty that the former Cal Bear will be the Lions' starting running back this coming season.
  • In his weekly column with the Free Press, Lions offensive tackle Jon Jansen talked about the fight that happened during OTAs last month. Here's a snippet of Jansen's take on what happened:
    You may have heard the reports about the fight, but it was no different than any other fight that happens between teammates at practice. An event happens that ignites a fire, and before you know it, you're grabbing face masks, throwing jabs and rolling around on the ground with another dude. It's actually pretty funny when you get a chance to take a step back and think about what happened.
    All accounts of the fight are that it was nothing serious. Jim Schwartz called it a wrestling match, and based on Jansen's take, I'd say that's probably accurate.
  • Reggie Torbor, who I know some of you mentioned as someone the Lions should look at, signed with the Bills.
  • Australian rugby star Greg Inglis was apparently garnering interest from the Seahawks but reportedly turned them down. Mike Florio speculates that Inglis is just hoping to get leverage for his dealings with his rugby club, but neither Florio nor I are rugby experts, so I will defer to our very own Australian Hyperion Ecta on this one.
  • Daunte Culpepper is officially a Mountain Lion. Yes, that sounds as funny as you think it does.

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