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Tom Lewand Apologizes For Mistake, Has Talked To Roger Goodell

During his appearance in court last Friday, Tom Lewand apologized and took responsibility for his actions. He also mentioned that he looks forward to becoming "a stronger and better person" as a result of this incident, which is all you can really hope for when something like this happens.

In addition to speaking in court, Lewand also talked to the media afterward and had this to say:

"What I'm going to be doing is something that I'll deal with openly and honestly every day and have been with the people that need to know," Lewand said Friday. "I'm appreciative of all the support I've been given from Mr. Ford (Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr.) and the Ford family, people in our organization, and I look forward to continuing that and leading the organization the way we have to date."

Asked after the hearing what he had to say to Lions fans, Lewand said: "I made a very, very serious mistake and I own up to that. I take full responsibility for it. The fans in Detroit are phenomenal and we all make mistakes.

"The challenge for me and the obligation I have, and what I look forward to, is overcoming that mistake, overcoming that adversity and becoming a better and stronger person."

Lewand also said that he has already talked to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and realizes that the NFL's personal conduct policy applies to him. Punishment has not yet been handed out by Goodell, but Lewand is expecting it at some point.

My final thought on this heading forward is that I hope this incident does turn out to be a positive in the long run for Lewand. Obviously the incident itself is embarrassing and his actions were reckless, but if he can get his life turned around thanks to this rock bottom type of moment, then at least something good will have come from it.

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