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Video: Zack Follett Takes To The Mountains To Get Ready For Training Camp

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NFL players have their own ways of preparing for training camp during the "vacation" that goes from the end of the last minicamp to the beginning of training camp. Some head home after the final practice breaks, working out on their own at a local gym. Others work out with professional trainers or fellow players to get ready for the grind of training camp. Some players, however, do some unique things to prepare for camp, such as running up and down hills.

I think we can definitely put Zack Follett in the "unique" group of players, as he is doing some extremely interesting things to get ready for training camp, as showcased in his latest video. Specifically, Follett headed to "Camp Elevation," which is the nickname for a place on a mountain 8,000 feet above sea level. There he lifted tree branches, threw large rocks and even ate ants (for the protein, of course). All of this is part of his unique training process to get ready for camp when it opens at the end of the month. Take a look: