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Thursday Notes: 2010 NFL Supplemental Draft Set For Today

  • The 2010 NFL Supplemental Draft is scheduled for today. The way it works is that teams submit if they want to make any picks via e-mail, noting the player they want to pick and in what round. Players are taken based on if any team submitted a bid for them, and they are taken by the team with the highest bid. Teams that make picks in the Supplemental Draft lose an equivalent pick in the next year's regular NFL Draft. (If the Lions submitted a fourth-round pick for someone and got him, then they'd lose a fourth-rounder in 2011.)

    The four players eligible to be picked in this year's Supplemental Draft are Illinois defensive tackle Josh Price-Brent, BYU running back Harvey Unga, Northwestern State running back Quentin Castille and Truman State wide receiver Vanness Emokpae. Unga is the most likely to be picked based on the interest he's received (the Lions were one of 20 teams to attend his workout), so it will be interesting to see what round he goes in if a team does select him.

    UPDATE: The Bears selected Unga and the Cowboys took Price-Brent in the seventh round.
  • Good news from Kevin Smith on Twitter:
    No swelling after speed work and sled pulls now ice bags lunch and the pool untill the sun goes down
    No swelling is great sign for someone recovering from an ACL injury, so let's hope that continues to be the case as he prepares for training camp.
  • Smith is looking forward to competing for a starting spot at running back with Jahvid Best.
  • It looks like the over/under for wins next season is going to be five based on what some sports books are saying.
  • Cliff Avril is holding a ticket giveaway contest.