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Video: Ndamukong Suh Hunts Quarterbacks In New Commercial

Step aside Matthew Stafford, because there is a new pitchman in town, and he goes by the name of Ndamukong Suh.

While Stafford's commercials with AXE Hair were pretty funny in their own way, Suh's new commercial for Dick's Sporting Goods/Nike is even better, because he is busy hunting quarterbacks in it. Stafford won't be receiving hair action during games (at least I hope not), but Suh's commercial does represent what all Lions fans hope he will be doing this upcoming season: hunting and destroying quarterbacks. You have been warned, Brett Favre and Jay Cutler.

(Via JLew in the FanShots section)

UPDATE: Suh is also in this commercial with Darrelle Rivas and Chris Johnson (via severs28):