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Wednesday Notes: Matthew Stafford Raking In The Dough

  • Matthew Stafford is going to make $27.6 million this year from endorsements and his salary with the Lions, putting him 11th on the list of the highest-earning American athletes.
  • C.C. Brown is not a fan of the New York media.

    "I don't even want to comment on that, because I still, at times, get sensitive about how they did me (wrong) there," Brown said. "The biggest thing with New York is the media controls the team. So whatever the media says, that's what's gonna happen."

    Asked if he felt like he was a scapegoat for the Giants' defensive struggles, he added, "I was, I was. Me being the new guy, I was the first guy on the block to be blamed. But it's all right. It's water under the bridge."

    Let's hope he really was just the scapegoat and plays better for the Lions.
  • According to Tom Kowalski, Tom Lewand would not be suspended for his DUI arrest if he were a player. Interesting.
  • The Lions Kickoff Luncheon is going to be held at Ford Field on Sept. 1.
  • Even Brett Favre's agent is sick of his drama queen-like ways.
  • Former coach and current FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson is reportedly a contestant on Survivor. Talk about a random story.