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Randy Phillips, Ryan Stamper Could Sign With Lions Next Week

Former Miami safety Randy Phillips and former Florida linebacker Ryan Stamper were supposed to sign with the Lions as undrafted free agents way back in April. Neither has officially joined the team yet because of injury issues, however. There was some hope that Phillips would be signed last month, but he only got a workout with the team rather than a contract.

Luckily for both players, it looks contracts may be on the table before training camp begins next week.

Tim Twentyman reports that Stamper is going to work out for the Lions and take a physical on Tuesday. Assuming the workout goes well and he passes the physical, you would think he will be offered a spot on the team.

The same goes for Phillips, as he is also going to take a physical next week. Considering the Lions already got a look at him last month, I'd imagine that he will join the team if he passes his physical. If he is healthy, then the Lions will finally get a chance to officially add him to the roster, just as they will with Stamper if things go well on Tuesday.

The players report to training camp a week from Friday, so the Lions will spend the next week finalizing their roster. There shouldn't be a ton of movement, but it seems like the Lions will add Phillips and Stamper, and then they obviously have to sign Ndamukong Suh and Jahvid Best as well.