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Grade Jim Schwartz - July 2010

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Earlier this month, I made the first "Approval Ratings" post and had you guys vote on the job Jim Schwartz has done so far this season. The results were pretty one-sided, with 95% of the 2474 votes approving of the job Schwartz has done.

While the numbers were still interesting, I want to go a bit more in depth, so this time around I will be asking you to grade the job Jim Schwartz has done since being hired by the Lions. This is more than a simple approve/disapprove poll, as you will have five choices to pick from. When you do vote, make sure to explain your choice in the comments.

For me, I have to give Schwartz an A. Many may wonder how a coach can receive that high of a grade after a 2-14 season, but my reasoning is pretty simple. Schwartz, to me, gets it. He understands how to win, and although the Lions were nowhere near winning a lot last year, I believe they are on the right track. If the Lions struggle again this year then that will be a cause for concern, but I am essentially giving him a free pass for 2009 considering what he had to work with.

What say you, Lions fans?