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Monday Notes: Ford Field Doesn't Fare Well In Vendor Inspection Report

  • As the picture to the right shows, Kyle Vanden Bosch threw out the first pitch before last Thursday's Tigers-Blue Jays game.
  • ESPN got a hold of vendor inspection reports from the venues for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams, and the report on the Lions certainly doesn't make me want to eat anything at Ford Field anytime soon.
    Ford Field
    Detroit Lions
    Vendors with critical violations: 70%

    Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors cited one location 11 times in the past six years after seeing employees who didn't wash their hands. At another stand, they found an employee's half-eaten hamburger in a warming unit.

    Other venues in Detroit didn't do very well either, but Ford Field was the worst with 70% of vendors having critical violations. Joe Louis Arena had a number of 52% and Comerica Park was at 51%. The Palace came in with 29% of vendors having critical violations.
  • Julian Peterson wants to be more like Zack Follett in a "hey, that guy is nuts" kind of way.
  • As you probably know by now, Keith Bulluck has signed a one-year deal with the New York Giants. Although it was unlikely Bulluck was going to end up on the Lions anyways, we can now officially close the door on this possibility.
  • Former Lions receiver David Kircus has filed for bankruptcy
  • For $40, you can subscribe to a package on that will stream preseason games live. Every single preseason game will be shown on NFL Network at some point, but if you can't wait for the games to be replayed and want to watch them live, this is probably the best option.
  • Screenshots and a video that includes the Lions in Madden 11 are out.
  • Cowboys rookie receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry Roy Williams' pads after a practice on Sunday. Personally I like the move, although others believe Bryant should just do it as it's all part of being a rookie. My belief is that Williams should worry more about keeping his spot on the team instead of complaining about getting his request rejected by a rookie. If he's not careful, Bryant will be taking his spot in the starting lineup rather than just not carrying his pads.

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