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Where The Roster Stands: Center

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Returning from last season: Dominic Raiola, Dylan Gandy, Dan Gerberry

New to the team: None

Center is probably one of the most boring positions on the entire roster, not that that's a bad thing. The reason I say that is because Dominic Raiola is locked in as the starting center. Behind him are Dylan Gandy and Dan Gerberry, two centers who will end up playing center really only in the preseason barring an injury. More than not, if you see Gandy and Gerberry in the regular season, it will be at guard, not center.

Taking that into consideration, I suppose I could have included both Gandy and Gerberry in the offensive guard post, but I decided to wait until this one simply because the Lions consider them to be centers. While that may be an "on paper" type of thing considering whether or not they make the roster will probably come down to their play at guard, the fact remains that they are technically centers.

I would expect Gandy to make the team based on his experience both at center and guard. Gerberry has a chance to make the team just based on the Lions' rather weak depth at guard. He did spend last season on the practice squad and then was promoted to the active roster at the very end of the season, so it's not like he has no experience with the Lions; it's just he doesn't have very much in-game experience outside of the preseason. Still, he will be in the mix to make the team if he can play well enough as a guard.

Need going forward?

There really isn't any need at center. If Raiola were to go down with an injury, then there may be a need to shore up the depth at center, but as it stands right now, the Lions are pretty much set at this position. You have Raiola, the starter, and then Gandy, the versatile backup who can play any of the interior line positions. Other than that there isn't much of a need for players at center, so I doubt we will see the Lions make any non-minor moves involving this position.

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