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Wednesday Notes: Contract-less Ndamukong Suh Still Getting Ready For Camp

  • Ndamukong Suh said on Monday that he is packing for Michigan. Unfortunately, he and Jahvid Best still don't have a contract, but then again, as long as they can get signed by Saturday morning, that won't be a big deal. With Sam Bradford reportedly about to sign, chances are things will start moving much quicker as the sense of urgency picks up.
  • Jim Schwartz posted this on Twitter yesterday:
    Working on practice schedules for this weekend. Players report Fri w/conditioning test Sat morning and first practice that afternoon.
    Since then his two most recent tweets have been about music.
  • Continuing with the Twitter theme, Chris Houston may or may not have an account. John Niyo got word from the Lions that the @chrishouston23 account is not really him, but whoever it is keeps insisting to be Houston. You would think the Lions would know for sure, so either this phony is really persistent or Houston didn't let the Lions know that's his page. I'm voting for the former at this point.
  • Chester Pitts visited the Bills on Monday, and he reportedly worked out for two unnamed teams last week. No word on if the Lions were one of them, but if they decide to bring in a veteran guard during training camp, Pitts would probably be at the top of the list if he's healthy.