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Ndamukong Suh Donated 123 iPads To Nebraska Football Team

While we wait for news about Ndamukong Suh's contract to break, I wanted to pass along this story from Sean Callahan of

Pretty cool...Ndamukong Suh donated 123 ipads to the Nebraska football team making them the first known pro or college team to have them.

Suh previously donated $2 million to Nebraska's strength and conditioning program and $600,000 to NU's engineering school. iPads vary in price depending on what features they have and how much memory you get, but if he got the NU football team 123 iPads with Wi-Fi and 32 GB of memory, it would have cost him around $74,000. That's not exactly a ton of money to someone who is about to get around $40 million guaranteed, but then again, it's not like he's required to give back to his school. So to that, I say job well done, Ndamukong.