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Approval Ratings: Jim Schwartz - July 2010

A new series making its Pride of Detroit debut today is a monthly approval rating poll for various people involved with the Lions. Each month I plan on putting up posts that ask a simple question about someone from the Lions: Do you approve of the job he is doing? As of right now I plan on posing this question about the likes of Jim Schwartz, Martin Mayhew, William Clay Ford and maybe a few others, as I think it will go a long way in seeing where everybody is at opinion-wise and be a good discussion-starter as well.

The first approval rating poll focuses on head coach Jim Schwartz. His first year with the Lions concluded with a disappointing 2-14 record, but there's no doubt that he has impressed a lot of people since joining the team. My personal opinion is that I strongly approve of the job he is doing in spite of the 2-14 record from 2009. It takes time to rebuild from 0-16, but I do think Schwartz has the Lions going in the right direction.

With that being said, what do you think about the job Schwartz is doing? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

(Side note No. 1: In the future, would you rather this be a simple approve/disapprove poll or something a little more in-depth like grades ranging from A to F? Side note No. 2: Thanks to Arrowhead Pride for this idea.)