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Lions Release Daniel Bullocks

The Lions' hunt for a second starting safety is continuing because players currently on the roster aren't showing enough to coaches. Proof of that comes in the form of the news that Daniel Bullocks has been released by the Lions. Bullocks was one of the players in the running for the starting job, but Lions coaches have seen all they need to see, parting ways with the safety and the final Lions draft pick from 2002-06 that was on the roster.

Bullocks spent the 2009 season on injured reserve after suffering an injury during training camp. He was originally just released, but he cleared waivers, allowing the Lions to put him on injured reserve. At the conclusion of the 2009 season, Bullocks became a restricted free agent, but the Lions tendered him an offer that he signed in April.

The assumption going into training camp this year was that Bullocks would compete for a starting spot at safety. He wasn't necessarily the favorite to start or anything like that, but many believed he would emerge as the starter if he could stay healthy. Obviously, we now know that he won't be starting for the Lions anytime soon considering he has been released.

With this news and the news from earlier this week that the Lions showed interest in trading for Chiefs safety Jarrad Page, it's clear that Detroit wants to add a new face to the safety position. The players on the roster aren't cutting it, as the release of Bullocks shows. I'd bet on the Lions making at least one move for a safety before training camp starts.