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Tom Lewand Pleads Guilty To Operating While Visibly Impaired

Tom Lewand pleaded guilty earlier today to operating while visibly impaired, which is a lesser charge than what he originally received. Here is Lewand's punishment for the June 25 incident:

Sutton sentenced Lewand to six months' probation and to pay a $532 fine or serve 60 days in Roscommon County Jail. Lewand's fine and court costs totaled $870. His probation requires that he submit to a PBT at the request of any police officer, that he consume no alcohol and that he enroll in an intense outpatient

As part of the plea deal, Lewand's charge of refusing to take a breath test was thrown out, so all he ended up with from this incident was the operating while visibly impaired charge, which resulted in six months of probation. Personally I think that's a little light, but that debate centers on punishment for a DUI in general, not for Lewand specifically.