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Brandon Pettigrew Hits The Practice Field; Other Injury Updates

Tight end Brandon Pettigrew started training camp yesterday on the PUP list, as he is still recovering from the ACL injury he suffered on Thanksgiving against the Packers. As it turns out, though, that recovery process was only enough to keep him out for one day, because he was taken off the PUP list and on the practice field today.

Tight end Brandon Pettigrew, who missed the first day of practice, was back at it today (Sunday). Pettigrew is one of three Lions coming off ACL surgery and the plan is to let those three get adjusted slowly. During two-a-days they will only participate in one of the sessions. And coach Jim Schwartz said they will also get one day off each week.

The other two players coming off of ACL injuries are Kevin Smith and Jack Williams. Smith wasn't on the PUP list yesterday and appears to be ready to move full speed ahead as camp continues. Williams, on the other hand, hasn't shown any indication that he will be back soon. Then again, I didn't expect Pettigrew to be off the PUP list this quickly.

As for some of the other guys on the PUP list, apparently Jared DeVries and Will Heller should be back sometime soon. Louis Delmas is stuck on it until he gets into shape, and where exactly Ko Simpson is at with his injury I'm not sure.