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Lions Training Camp Notes: Kevin Smith Working Hard To Get Healthy

  • Although Kevin Smith is practicing, he isn't quite 100% healthy just yet. Even so, he hopes to be there soon.
    "In due time," he said. "I think I'm healthy enough to practice in camp, and in due time I'll be ready to go. I've just got to keep on working. I want to be better than I was last year.''
    I personally don't think anybody on the team has a better attitude than Smith.
  • Jerome Felton has been taking a lot of snaps at running back. Jim Schwartz called him the team's "power back" and talked about how they have a lot of guys at running back that can fill different roles -- power, speed, every-down and so on.
  • Adam Schefter, who visited Lions training camp today as part of his bus tour, believes Tim Toone has a "legitimate chance" to make the team as a punt returner.
  • After interviewing Matthew Stafford on his bus, Schefter got a chance to play catch with him.
  • Receiver Mike Moore and cornerback Eric King got into a "skirmish" during this afternoon's practice. Moore later left practice with a shoulder injury.
  • The Lions continue to list Jonathan Hefney as a cornerback, but he has moved to safety.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch believes he is in the best shape he's ever been in and is as healthy as he's been in a couple years.
  • A crew of three NFL officials will be at practice from August 5-7. With the preseason looming, they also need to practice a bit.