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Stephen Peterman's Knee Is Good To Go

Stephen Peterman had an MRI on his injured knee earlier this week, and the results came back with nothing concerning, which is great news for the Lions.

"Everything's good, I'll be back as soon as possible. It should be the next day or so," Peterman said. "I got kicked the other day pretty hard at practice and it swelled up on me, and they just wanted to do some checks. Everything's fine.

"We're just waiting to get the swelling down. I actually went through the Ford Field practice (Saturday) and the next morning's practice with it. It just kept swelling up on me, so we were worried about that. It's nothing serious."

Detroit really can't afford to lose Peterman because the drop-off from starter to backup is so significant at right guard. Manny Ramirez filled in for him while he was out, and no offense to him, but the Lions' O-line is much better with Peterman.

Any knee injury to an offensive lineman is scary, but if it's just swollen because he got kicked, then this shouldn't be a lingering thing that causes problems down the road.

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