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Stephen Peterman, Dre Bly Return To Practice; Corey Williams Out Again

Although Stephen Peterman's MRI results came back earlier this week and he was cleared to practice, he didn't actually return to practice until this morning. I assume the coaches wanted to give him an extra couple of days of rest before letting him back on the practice field, as extra caution is the best way to react to all injuries during training camp.

Dre Bly also made his return to practice today, although he was only out for one day with tightness in his thigh. His return is good news for the secondary, as it really can't afford to lose any more players to injuries.

In other injury news, Corey Williams missed another practice mainly because of the heat.

"He's still battling the heat illness a little bit and he also has a virus," Schwartz said. "He's been under the weather and I think the heat made it worse. Those two are related to each other."

This may very well be the hottest week of practice so far, so it's not too surprising that someone is having issues with the rising temperatures.

For more on the injuries Lions players are dealing with, check out a comprehensive list of them posted earlier over at SB Nation Detroit.