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Chad Ochocinco Is A Big Louis Delmas Fan

Last year in the week leading up to the Lions-Bengals game, Louis Delmas and Chad Ochocinco exchanged some friendly trash talk. Actually, the trash talking began way back before the 2009 draft because the two players share an agent, allowing the safety and wide receiver to be in contact with each other.

During the actual game that featured Delmas on defense for the Lions and Ochocinco on offense for the Bengals, there was more friendly trash talk, including after Delmas put such a big hit on Ochocinco that No. 85 had to leave the game (he would return shortly after). Delmas made sure Ochocinco was alright as a friendly gesture and the two proceeded to continue their back-and-forth.

On Thursday night, Ochocinco was talking about Delmas again, but this time it was not any trash. In fact, Ochocinco had nothing but praise for Delmas, as posted on his Twitter account.

#onmymoma i guarantee Louis Delmas will be one of the best to play the game at safety, he brings a different style to the position

Ochocinco is a very talented receiver, so that is a big-time endorsement for Delmas. There's no doubt he has impressed many despite only playing in the league for one season, and Ochocinco is definitely one of the people that sees even bigger things for Delmas in the future.

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