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Lions-Steelers Game Delayed By Bad Weather

With 1:31 left in the second quarter, there was a loud clap of thunder at Heinz Field, prompting officials to delay the Lions-Steelers game as everybody exited the field and stands very quickly. It was already raining pretty heavily, but the game was only delayed when it started to thunder and lightning.

There's still no word on when play will be resumed -- that is, if it will be resumed. The situation will be reassessed at some point, but NFL policies call for a wait of at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike, and there was just one about 10 minutes ago.

It still looks like a monsoon is hitting Heinz Field, so I personally hope they just call it a day and end the game. It would be a crappy situation for the backup players, as the third and fourth quarters of a preseason game are their time to shine, but I can't imagine the field is in very good shape after being pounded with all of this rain.

As it stands right now, Detroit trails Pittsburgh by a score of 13-7. The Lions' starting defense looked very impressive, and the starting offense played quite well on their touchdown drive. Matthew Stafford and Jahvid Best did well as the Lions moved the ball down the field, and Calvin Johnson caught a touchdown pass to put the Lions on the board.

I will provide an update on if/when we will see the rest of the first half and the second and third quarters when that is determined.